Lo and Behold!

Otherwise: Alack, Alas and WOE BABY.

Clip Art delivers, slowly and ponderously (SO ponderously,one gathers it has been moonlighting in between packages as a corporate business minion thing, but I suppose even Clip Art must make a living), a sad header to stand in for my real header, whatsoever that might be, whensoever it is ready, by whosoever is free and loves me very much and can do artsy things.

K, please note: there are ribbons, pearls, girls, notebooks AND extra shiny bonus stars.

Everyone else: look, this is the best I can do without a lobotomy that magically makes me visually creative. If you have issues, make me one that’s better. Otherwise, say OOOOOH and AAAAAAH like you mean it!


4 responses to “Lo and Behold!

  1. Ooh!

    PS. I couldn’t even do this much, so my ooh-ing is sincere šŸ™‚

  2. Thank you. *bows*

  3. itsfullofstupid

    Congratulations. You were even on time šŸ™‚

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