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Slacking off in the office: Attempt the First

I should – I mean, I really should, it is obviously an awesome fantastic supercallifragilisticexpeallidocious idea – found a city. And call it Roh-ville. Rohville? Rohnagar? Rohland?

Okay. I am no longer slacking off because Vinay has given me work to do. And he is completely unhelpful about how I am supposed to do it. How am I supposed to know things? Why am I supposed to have knowledge inside my head? He is mostly sitting here and playing with his dog.

When the revolution comes, he and his ilk will be the first against the wall.

She’s a cute dog, even though she is incontinent. (Puppies are. She’ll grow out of it.)

I am dying – it feels very nearly literal – for a palya bun. Is there a palya bun anywhere? No.

Life is sorrow.



Here is a new header!

My friend over here: Inky, otherwise identified here as J – did this new header for me.

Obviously, she is awesome. 😀

So I shall start blogging here.

Hopefully tomorrow. We shall see.